MBS Neckerchief, Cotton Gauze in Black

$ 36.00

A luxurious take on the classic bandana. Our neckerchiefs are made entirely from the same premium, textiles utilized in our apparel collection.

A unisex accessory that can be worn any number of ways, and not just on your neck! Try adding this square scarf to the handle of a bag, your wrist or, create memorable and reusable wrapping for gift giving.

Pictured here in conventionally dyed black. Learn why we use conventionally dyed black fabrics here. Hand dyed in-studio, our colors are derived from natural, plant based materials. See more color and fabric options here.

Dimensions (+/-):  21" x 21" 

100% Cotton

Hand Wash with pH Neutral Soap in Cold Water and Hang Dry. See our complete Garment Care instructions here